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White Knight

白の騎士, Shiro no Kishi


Knight of Looking-Glass Land

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Bodyguard of the White Queen



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The White Knight (白の騎士, Shiro no Kishi) is a resident of Looking-Glass Land, where he replaces both the role of the Mad Hatter and the Trump Soldiers, protecting Alice from danger upon becoming the Queen of Looking-Glass Land.


Alice in Looking-Glass LandEdit

The White Knight first appears having just broken a mirror with his fist. He promises to protect Wonderland and/or the Looking-Glass Land and especially to protect "Alice" from a certain person.[1]

He later appears in the next chapter with a horse carriage, having been waiting for the Mad Hatter to arrive with Alice. Telling the Hatter he was exactly three minutes late, he smiles at the two as the Hatter tells Alice that the White Knight would be looking over him and leaves.  Alice simply assumes he is going to fulfill more of the Queen of Hearts' orders and is left alone with the Knight. Alice trembles, causing the White Knight to show concern, but the former covers it up by saying he's just wondering where they shall be going. When expressing that they'll go meet the Queen, he bows before Alice, welcoming him to Looking-Glass Land as the Queen. The scenery changes, shifting into a forest. After the change has occurred, Alice attempts to catch up, asking as to why he was just called a monarch title, leading the White Knight to clarify that he is merely a "candidate for becoming Queen". Alice snaps at the White Knight, saying he's never wanted to become Queen before. He also raises the point of the Queen of Hearts raising a fuss about it, only for the White Knight to say that there's no need to worry because the laws of Looking-Glass Land are absolute. Alice attempts to leave, only for the White Knight to hold Alice at gunpoint.

Threatening to shoot him for disobeying laws, he asks Alice to give up becoming Alice to become the Queen for his own sake and the country's sake to "return the name of Alice". He relaxes him by saying he should live a life of happiness and to not worry because he will be protected by the White Knight himself. Alice wonders if this is what the Hatter meant before, only for the White Knight to show he's already forgotten the Mad Hatter by asking Alice who that is. He opens the door of the carriage for Alice, promising to explain more over tea. In a lose-lose situation, Alice asks if the White Knight will be the kind of person to not serve tea, only for the Knight to find that an odd question and tell Alice he's the most important person and will never worry about that again.[2]


The White Knight is a man who often has a smile on his face; contrary to the Cheshire Cat's pleasant smile or the Queen's false smile, this smile tends to border on sincere and creepy, lacking justification like the previous ever-smiling characters. However, in turn, he's easier to be around than the Mad Hatter, lacking an argumentative nature and is, often like his smile, sincere. Unlike the Hatter as well, the White Knight puts Alice's protection above all else, treating the 89th Alice with respect and mentioning that not only will he protect Alice, but also puts importance that they are the most important figure in Looking-Glass Land. However, like the counterpart, the Knight isn't above holding someone at gunpoint, telling Alice to obey the laws or be shot and is also indirect like other residents.

As shown, he speaks to the Hatter in a polite manner, only to shortly forget him afterwards when Wonderland becomes Looking-Glass Land and Alice raises the topic.[2] It is unknown if this is due to the White Knight having a short memory or if something literally made him forget upon the worlds switching.


The White Knight is a tall, pale-skinned man with white short hair. His outfit consists of a raised-collar cardigan with a white belt-like encircling his cardigan with a circular metal in its middle; reaching to his waist with a brown-coloured scarf. Underneath, he wears a full-body attire with long sleeves with two black belts down his waists.


  • In Through the Looking-Glass, and What Alice Found There (1871), the White Knight was an old man and likely an insert of Lewis Carroll himself. He stood out mostly because of his friendliness with Alice (marking him as the first and only character who was actually polite and kind to Alice), his habit of following off his horse, and his creation of inventions. Another noteworthy thing is that, in the story, it's said that Alice would remember the White Knight the clearest of all out of all the characters she met on her story. Lewis Carroll is thought to have created the White Knight's personality as his own, due to his habit of inventing things and his peculiar manners and habits.
    • While the role within the book is mirrored, a majority of the characters – specifically the Duchess, the Caterpillar and the Knave of Hearts (to an extent) – were also kind, polite, and not antagonistic towards the 89th Alice.


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