Unbidden Guest

Chapter 26


Anbiden Gesuto

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Bestow The Name

Unbidden Guest, stylised as unbidden guest, is chapter 26 of the Are You Alice? manga series.


The Dodo tries to recall the name of his friend when the Dormouse arrives in the Pool of Tears, continuing the "game of tag" or otherwise known as the Caucus Race.

Cheshire stabs Alice

The Cheshire Cat stabs Alice

The 88th Alice shows up together with the Cheshire Cat, leaving Alice totally confused. Alice is about to draw his gun when he is interrupted by the Cheshire Cat, saying that he, the current "Alice", and the 88th, cannot kill the White Rabbit at the moment, so the Cheshire Cat brought the 88th Alice to give some assistance to Alice. But, Alice refuses to accept the help, shooting his revolver to her; the 88th Alice was not affected. The Cheshire Cat explains the three things that Regrets like: first, the Wonderland's Alice; second, humans who commit suicide in less than three seconds; and third, a human who does not have a "purpose", meaning a resident of Wonderland, except the Mad Hatter who is strong enough to protect Alice. Alice then protests that he has a purpose which is to kill the White Rabbit. The Cheshire Cat then points his knife to Alice, telling him that he forgot everything because he abandoned his past and his regrets, and came to Wonderland. However, it is not a bad thing getting rid of one's past regrets and living without a purpose, since every resident of Wonderland is the same. Afterwards, he stabs Alice.

At the palace, the Dormouse still points his gun at the Queen. A Trump Soldier warns the Queen to leave the dangerous place, but the Queen sees this saving act as a disobedience. Therefore, the Queen kills her himself. Looking at the ugly sight, with red all over, he decides that anyone who shows him the color of red will receive punishment, including the Dormouse. The Dormouse has to kill the Queen to get out of the country. Thinking that he is still the Queen's "faithful and excellent subordinate", the Mad Hatter arrives at the palace.

Meanwhile, the dying Alice strives to survive, and finally knows his purpose: to get out of Wonderland. So, he gets his revolver and shoots at the Cheshire Cat, removing his arm. The 88th Alice then disappears out of sight while Alice tries to walk, but he faints because of his injury. Falling down the rabbit-hole, Alice finally meets the White Rabbit.