Trump Soldiers at the Queen of Hearts' throne

The Trump Soldiers (トランプ兵士, Toranpu Heishi) are a multi-functional unit under the Queen of Hearts in the castle. Frequently seen at his throne, the Trump Soldiers also serve as the Queen's concubines.


Trumps full

Trump Soldiers' complete attire

The Trump Soldiers are beautiful women who have long black hair that reaches their back and slender figures. All of the Trumps wear mourning dresses which, as explained by the Queen of Hearts, were originally worn by families who grieve over their loved ones as a way of expressing mourning for the deceased and their praise to their piety while they were still living. With this, the Queen decided to have the Trumps wear mourning dresses as a way of feeling "pleasure and arousal from disturbing the recollected feelings of others".[1]

Their mourning dresses consist of a floor-length black dress with a string neckline and at the back. Inside their dress, they wear a lace underbodice whose design matches the lining of the bell sleeves. Some Trumps, notably those who perform service to the Queen or to his guests, wear a mourning near-opaque veil hanging from a cylindrical cap-like hat with a rose decoration at the lining; the veil also takes the design and colour of the dress' lace underbodice and bell sleeves. They also wear black gloves and pale-coloured lipstick.[2] Those who stay by the Queen's side at his throne are seen to not wear the veil and gloves; instead, they let their face be seen which reveals their resemblance with one another. They wear dark-coloured lipstick and nail polish on their fingernails.[3]


Arrival of the 89th Alice in WonderlandEdit

When the Queen of Hearts summoned the Mad Hatter to his castle, the monarch is seen surrounded by Trump Soldiers by the throne. Other Trumps can also be seen kneeling along the room presumably as a show of respect and allegiance to the Queen, and at least two Trump Soldiers guard the door.[3]

As the 89th Alice arrived at the castle, at least four Trumps surround the Queen, appearing to kneel before him. Outside, a Trump Soldier converses with the Hatter, talking about the new Alice and the Hatter's allegiance to the Queen in the form of his frozen time.[4]

Ruckus at Town SquareEdit

As the Duke goes berserk at town square, the Queen asks where the "substitute" is. One of the Trump Soldiers tells him that she is confined in her mansion, stopping the Duke since last night after swallowing all of his regrets. After reporting to the Queen, the Trump is dismissed.[5]


Some Trump Soldiers along with the Knave of Hearts fetched the Duchess at her mansion to take her to the Queen's castle for her execution.[6]


  • In an omake, the Cheshire Cat suggested to the Queen of Hearts to have the Trumps wear the attire of an apartment lady. The Queen considered this idea and agreed to have his Trumps wear the aforementioned attire the next day.[1]


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