The Town Square is a site where the Duke created a ruckus at Wonderland. Inhabitants were shown to be hurt or even killed because of its violence.[1]

The RuckusEdit

Duke attacks town square

The Duke attacks inhabitants at town square

As the 89th Alice and the Mad Hatter arrive at Caterpillar Lane, Alice sticks his head on the narrow entrance of the place, unable to get out of his position. Suddenly, a lady proclaims that she "has found Alice"; just then, the Duke appears in the form of a gigantic monster, possessively looking for Alice. The Hatter leaves Alice momentarily to face the monster as it nearly kills the residents; the Queen of Hearts questions the whereabouts of the Duchess who was supposed to keep it at bay. He comes to know that the Duchess is confined in her mansion, unable to stop the monster after swallowing all his regrets. The Hatter continuously orders the Duke to return to his trash house, or he will cease to exist if he disobeys the orders given to it; however, the monster does not listen, so the Hatter decides to shoot it with his weapon. The Duchess arrives, preventing the Hatter to kill it, lest Wonderland will overflow with Regrets. As a way to halt the monster, the Duchess asks it to stop the ruckus, posing as Alice, but the Duke recognises her as a fake. It lands an attack on the Duchess, but she is saved by the Cheshire Cat who receives a huge burn on his back.[1]

To try to put an end to the Duke, the Hatter decides to shoot it. However, he misses his target when Alice, as per the advice of the Dormouse, stops him and faces the Duke, proclaiming with pride that he is indeed the Alice of Wonderland. The Hatter angrily orders him to run away from the Duke, but Alice does not listen; he is then eaten up by the Duke, shocking everyone at the scene.[2]


The Queen beheads the Duchess for not fulfilling her duty as Alice's replacement thus, exposing Alice to danger. Consequently, the White Rabbit then searches and replaces another new Duchess who shall act as Alice's replacement.


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