Time Will Tell

Chapter 31


Taimu Wiru Teru


If time could be rewound and everything done over again...

Chapter Information




31[Note 1]

Cover Character

Mad Hatter (Presumed; highly obscured)





Clock That Began To Move

Time Will Tell, stylised as Time will tell, is chapter 31[Note 1] of the Are You Alice? manga series.


The Mad Hatter is wandering around the seemingly glorious Wonderland. A concubine assists him to the Queen. The Knave of Hearts tells him that cigarette smoking is not allowed inside the palace halls, but the Hatter disregards him. The Queen asks him to let Alice report about the incident at the Pool of Tears. Having lost sixteen playing cards, he cannot play any card game. The Queen tells the Hatter that he failed to kill the Dormouse, thus beheading him personally. With this failure, the Queen reminds him that he has high expectations of the Hatter. Walking around the palace, the Hatter recalls the story that the Dormouse told during their confrontation. The Cheshire Cat appears out of nowhere and said that he has business with the Queen. After a short talk, he bids the Hatter goodbye, but the Hatter points his gun to him. He asks the Cheshire Cat if he was intending to kill Alice again, but the Cheshire Cat denies. Having seen his lost arm, the Hatter is surprised that "Wonderland's Alice intended to kill the Cheshire Cat by shooting him with a gun." When he was about to leave, the Hatter told him a way to break a promise with the Queen of Hearts; this is the way that the Dormouse told them. So, the Hatter orders the Cheshire Cat to give him an order.

Resting at an unknown place, the White Rabbit is seen to be taken care by the March Hare. The White Rabbit became mad for getting in his way, but the March Hare answers that she was not given a rule by the White Rabbit. He then asks what the right story is.


  1. 1.0 1.1 The chapter was incorrectly numbered as "Chapter 32" in the magazine.