Kids 1

From left to right: Coco, Rogy and Bibi

The three children namely Rogy, Bibi, and Coco, were the inhabitants of Wonderland whom they made their first debut when they bumped into Alice in Chapter 6.

The Queen together with Alice went to an abandoned house where the three are seen debating on escaping from the Queen, the Duke and also Alice.

Group 1

Alice protects the three children from the Queen

The Queen tells Alice that his duty is to punish the three for violating a taboo. He adds that the Duchess carelessly let the Duke loose on the town proper. She exposed Alice to danger. For that reason, a beheading was sufficient.

However, Alice stops the Queen from his further action when he got more annoyed when Rogy showed his evidence which is a piece of paper that tells who the real Queen of Hearts is.

Unfortunately, the beheading was carried out by the Queen; however, the Knave asks the Queen if showing his "duty" to Alice is his goal but the Queen orders him to not speak.

The Queen further commands his mistresses to clean up the mess for he despises the color red.


  • The three children may depict a close resemblance to the three gardeners of the Queen of Hearts namely Seven, Five and Two in the original story of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland.  However, their names come from the Frog Butler (Rodge), the Cook (Coco), and the Baby (Bebe) - three characters who assisted and lived with the Duchess.
  • The three children had made an acquaintance with the Duchess wherein Rogy has a crush on her.