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The Pool Of Tears

Chapter 22


Za Pūru Obu Tiāzu


I desire a vivid colorful pleasure to the extent that the world changes over—

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I Hate To Admit It But


Endless Loop

The Pool Of Tears, stylised as The Pool of Tears, is chapter 22 of the Are You Alice? manga series.


A boy is fishing at the pond, and Alice notices that he has not shown any facial expressions. The Mad Hatter points his gun to the boy and asks him of the White Rabbit's whereabouts, but the boy did not respond. The Cheshire Cat shows up, much to Alice's upset. He tells that the boy is a friend of the White Rabbit. As the Cheshire Cat and Alice continue to converse with each other despite the Hatter's precaution, he fires his gun, much to their shock. The Hatter angrily tries to catch the attention of the boy who is revealed to be the Dodo by shouting at him. Suddenly, the Dodo tells him that they are going to die in the Caucus Race.

Wonderland's exit

Wonderland's exit

At the bar, Alice and the Mad Hatter ask the Dormouse about the Pool of Tears. The Dormouse adds that the White Rabbit might by in the Caucus Race, though it is not assured. While Alice and the Hatter fight, Alice's attention is caught when the Dormouse tells something that there is an exit to Wonderland. The Dormouse explains that he can exit Wonderland if he finds the key that will unlock the door. He adds that the key Alice and the Hatter is finding is being held by the White Rabbit's boss, the Queen of Hearts. He tells that there is a trap which launches the Caucus Race.