Regret first

The first Alice Regret the 89th Alice encounters

The other Alices were the former candidates of being Alice of Wonderland, though they have failed to become the real Alice for certain reasons. They are now nameless and have eventually become regrets[1] that may take form into black oozes or human girls. Furthermore, the Alices who have been brought to Wonderland have sacrificed a lot in order to become the real Alice, including abandoning their past and the things important to them.[2]

Former AlicesEdit

Unnamed AlicesEdit

Regret personality

An Alice Regret's sinister demeanor

There were many other Alices who appear in the form of a perfect human girl or black oozes who remain in Wonderland, clinging to the name "Alice" and continually reappear at several occasions.

The 89th Alice's first Regret that he ever encountered concretised into human form who resembled a normal female. She initially appeared to be rather pleasant to Alice, but, after the Cheshire Cat disappeared and left him, the Regret started acting weirdly, such as hugging, kissing – which causes the boy to nauseate, and even demanding Alice to return the name. As Alice tells her he is not Alice, the Regret seemingly believes him and tells him to die. Afterwards, the Alice Regret strangles him with the intent of actually killing him. As the Mad Hatter arrives and shoots at the Regret, it receives a crack on the forehead and hysterically laughs before being completely killed – or at least, handled, for the moment – by the Hatter, causing it to revert to the form of black oozes.[3]

The 88th AliceEdit

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Regret 17

The 88th Alice as a Regret

The 88th Alice, the candidate directly before the current one, was a determined Alice candidate. As a child, she disliked her real name, but she soon favoured the name "Alice" that was bestowed upon her by the White Rabbit.[4]

A very determined candidate, she was intent on finishing the game in order to become the real Alice and even wanted the Mad Hatter to acknowledged her through her efforts due to her infatuation with him. However, the 88th Alice was killed by the Cheshire Cat after stabbing her and calling her a "fake" Alice. Hence, she was unable to fulfill her goal of becoming the real Alice. Thereafter, she became nameless and transformed into a Regret. Because of her fate, she is shown to hold a grudge on the Cheshire Cat, expressing extreme emotion on him whenever she encounters him. She also directs her anger towards the current Alice, similar to the other Alice Regrets.[5]


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