Scrape Bottom

Chapter 6


Sukureipu Botomu


There's nothing. A world where only useless people exist.

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No Pets Allowed


Advice From A Caterpillar

Scrape Bottom, stylised as scrape bottom., is chapter 6 of the Are You Alice? manga series.


In his sleep, Alice dreams and ponders why he was born and how he can leave Wonderland, though he does not know how to. Nonetheless, despite his seeming uselessness – having no dreams, hope, or name – he asserts that he would do anything for anyone who shall need his help. The Mad Hatter wakes him up, firing his gun, leaving Alice surprised. The Mad Hatter insists Alice that they shall leave at once to resume the game, which includes capturing the mouse.

At a bar, a man yawns and states he has a bad feeling ever since the appearance of the 89th Alice. As the latter walks down the streets with the Mad Hatter, still thinking about the incident with the Duchess, people glare at Alice; a child and his two friends bump into Alice and recognize him. Alice asks how the child knows his name, but they immediately run off, admitting their mistake. The Mad Hatter immediately puts his hat onto Alice and explains that the residents of Wonderland know Alice, with whom no one wants to get involved with. Unlike them, the Mad Hatter is ordered by the Queen of Hearts to accompany Alice, being the only one who can protect him. Alice asks if the Mad Hatter has accompanied the previous Alice, and, as he is about to state the reason if he cannot become Alice, the Mad Hatter interrupts him, having arrived at Caterpillar Lane.

Caterpillar Lane

Alice and the Mad Hatter arrive at Caterpillar Lane

Seeing the entrance of the place, Alice thinks of the place as "tacky", but the Mad Hatter thinks of the place as "normal". Alice complains that what is considered normal in Wonderland is not normal at all. The Mad Hatter presents his pocketwatch to the key, stating their arrival to enter under the Queen's orders. Alice sticks his head onto the little space and cannot get out, asking help from the Mad Hatter. The latter, along with the Cheshire Cat, the Dormouse, the Knave of Hearts, the Queen of Hearts, and the White Rabbit, becomes shocked as Marianne proclaims that she "has found Alice". Just then, the Duke appears, where the Mad Hatter leaves Alice and springs into action. Without knowing, Alice shouts at the Mad Hatter to hurry up and help him. At the Town Square, the Duke attacks several inhabitants, causing a ruckus among the crowd. The Duke looks for Alice repeatedly and possessively, but the Mad Hatter confronts it, saying that Alice does not belong to it.

In the castle, the Queen of Hearts asks what the "replacement" is doing, to which a concubine reports that she is confined in her mansion as usual, and it seems that she had been stopping the Duke from going out of control the previous night after he had finished swallowing all of his regrets. With the state of the country, the Queen becomes reminded that Wonderland is a trash can, astonishing the Knave. The Queen states, though, that there is nothing to worry about, since the Mad Hatter is with him; he is instead interested on how the Duke knows the location of the real Alice. The Queen states that it is the first time something like that incident happened, and even bets that the White Rabbit is also surprised. He ponders on how the 89th Alice intends to take the responsibility.

Alice still struggles to get his head out before finally giving up. He asks where the Mad Hatter went and ponders how he can calmly fire his gun. A man asks Alice if he is scared of the Mad Hatter; he adds that it is natural because even the Mad Hatter gives up his time to the Queen to achieve his goal. The man, with a key in possession, opens a lock and Alice becomes freed. The man continues telling Alice that one must show their loyalty to the Queen before entering the Caterpillar Lane; otherwise, they will die a quick death. Alice asks who he is, but the man refuses to answer him. Instead, he imparts that it is against the rules in Wonderland to carelessly tell one's name to another, since the White Rabbit shall be mad if one does not take care of their name properly, calling Alice by his name.

The Duke continues to find Alice, wherein the Mad Hatter orders it to return to the trash house, or it will cease to exist if it disobeys the rules given to him. However, the Duke still continues to search for Alice. Without any other choice, the Mad Hatter gets his gun and plans to shoot the Duke, but the Duchess appears and tells the Hatter that Wonderland will overflow with regrets if he shoots the monster. He replies that he knows that much and he cannot do anything unless it turns against Alice anyway. He reminds the Duchess that her job is to do something about "trash", where the Duchess calls him "awful", telling him he does not need to remind her about accomplishing her job.

Cheshire saves duchess

The Cheshire Cat protects the Duchess

The Duchess orders the monster to calm down and invites it to go home with her, since she (as "Alice") has already arrived. Unfortunately, it senses that she is not Alice and demands to know where the real Alice is being hidden, ordering to bring back the real one to it. With the monster about to attack her, the Duchess' thoughts are seen, from wanting to know more of Alice's story to pondering if it is alright for her to love her pet cat. As she opens her eyes, she sees the Cheshire Cat shielding her with his body. The Cheshire Cat apologizes to his mistress that he cannot pretend to not notice her after all.


  • To "scrape the bottom of the barrel" means to get the absolute worst of what is left over. It hints at the themes to come in the chapter: the Queen thinks of Wonderland as a trash can, and the Duke's actions are the worst event yet to Wonderland.
  • When Alice looks at the clock, it reads two o'clock, the same time Alice and the Mad Hatter went to see the Queen of Hearts the day before.
  • Despite it being in the middle of the night, Wonderland is busy as always. The sky, for the most part, is white (indicating daytime); however, few panels show a darkened sky, such as when Alice opened the curtain and saw the pitch-black sky.
  • The three children that Alice runs into are later revealed to be friends of the Duchess.  Whether this was coincidence or planned is unknown.
  • The sign to Caterpillar Lane is labeled in Japanese, despite the fact that the series takes place in a vague British location.
  • The hooded person guarding the entrance of Caterpillar Lane is seen with a hookah, similar to the Caterpillar in the original Alice in Wonderland story.
  • In contrast to the previous chapters, the Queen of Hearts' tattoos under his eye become darkly coloured, presumably black, and remain that way for the rest of the series.