Puzzle Lock

Chapter 34


Pazuru Rokku


Composed of irritation.

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34[Note 1]

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Who Shot The Gun?



Puzzle Lock, stylised as Puzzle lock, is chapter 34[Note 1] of the Are You Alice? manga series.


The March Hare reprimands the Mad Hatter for not taking out the read newspapers on Recyclable Garbage Day. The Hatter ignores him while Alice just watches him squeeze a pile of read newspapers. He gets the newspaper that the Hatter is reading and gives him the updated newspaper for the day. Alice still does not get why Mitsuki is the Hatter's friend if he is an ally of the White Rabbit. The Hatter answers that he is a little special. Alice tells him that it is Mitsuki's fault for having such an appearance that he did not know right away. Before long, Mitsuki tells Alice that he is sitting on his seat, which left the two quarreling. The Hatter then commands Alice to move, leaving Alice completely dismayed. Having no choice, Alice kicks the chair and moves, making the Hatter complain that he has bad manners, but Alice does not care. The Hatter advises Mitsuki to be careful of Alice since he has "low blood sugar he snaps over the most trivial things easily." Alice then fires up and shouts at Mitsuki on what his role is in the game of killing the White Rabbit. Mitsuki tells him that he is "really great at cat's cradle, to which Alice reacts sarcastically. Afraid of Alice, Mitsuki tells the Hatter that Alice is definitely not Alice; the Hatter replies that everyone already knows this. Alice realizes that no one in Wonderland possesses a useful ability in the game but himself. The Hatter then asks Mitsuki his reason for coming to his apartment. He answers that he does not really have any business in particular, but he bought some cakes from the bakery. With this, the Hatter emotionally compliments Mitsuki that he is the only person who understands him unlike Alice who is just idiotic and is not even cute. Alice asks if he can get just one bite; in return, the Hatter commands him, for one bite, to grovel on the floor. Alice complains and just goes out on the streets, hoping to find the White Rabbit to be able to kill him and finish the game. However, the Hatter did not eat any of the cakes bought by Mitsuki, since he does not like anything new. He asks Mitsuki one more time why he really came to the apartment. He answers that he came to sample the new Alice.

Recreated Wonderland

Wonderland recreated by the White Rabbit

Waking up, the White Rabbit sees a cake labeled with a paper that says "Eat me" from the March Hare. He recalls that Wonderland has been broken to pieces. Having glued the broken pieces of paper of Wonderland, he believes he recreated Wonderland, painting the black world with different colours for many days. However, the Wonderland now is different from the one he knew; even so, all he can do is to continue moving forward. He remembers the Cheshire Cat telling him that the red ink on the scraps of paper is blood. He asks himself whose blood it is. The only thing he wants is to see Alice smile; therefore, he declares to himself that all mistakes must disappear.


  1. 1.0 1.1 The chapter was incorrectly numbered as "Chapter 35" in the magazine.