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Chapter 40


Purēingu Kādozu

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Playing Cards, stylised as Playing cards, is chapter 40 of the Are You Alice? manga series.


Beginning shortly after the White Rabbit names the Knave of Hearts. Having heard feminine pronouns to named the Queen of Hearts, Jack immediately believes his job as a bodyguard is far more personal than it ought to be: instead of simply protecting her, he believes it goes as far as protecting her in the bedroom, the bathroom, and "in her secret place" as well. Unfortunately for him, the Queen is, while feminine, a man. Upon meeting his first Trump, the Queen orders him not to speak more than 10 sequential syllables for ten years.

Back at the present, the Knave and Alice cry at the former's situation, but Alice punches him to snap out of his misery and decides to help him out. Just then, they realise that the party has begun.

In the middle of the party, the Mad Hatter complains to the Cheshire Cat about the party's program. While the party is ongoing, the Knave fires his gun with Alice held as hostage (though monotonous with crying for help, as he himself is co-perpetrator of his captivity act. As per the plan, the Knave demands the presence of the Queen of Hearts, but he is unfortunately changing his outfit as part of the program. Alice spots the Cheshire Cat and recalls his act of betrayal. He then sees the Hatter and partially blames him that he ended up being held "captive". Alice demands to save him at once, but the Hatter reminds Alice that he once told the Hatter he can protect himself. The Cheshire Cat and the Hatter think of a way to "save" Alice and spots the Fish Footman. It ends up creating a barricade and asks Alice to release his "captive", thinking that Alice was the perpetrator. The Cheshire Cat, his "father", persuades Alice to give up as well. The Hatter, after several persuasions of Alice to help him, finally decided to save Alice. Unfortunately, the Knave cuts the charade and becomes serious, reverting back to being the "enemy". At that moment, the trumpets sound, signifying the arrival of the Queen of Hearts.


  • In Japanese, "playing cards" come out as trumps. A trump is a playing card elevated above its normal rank through trick-taking games (the spade suits in Spades, for example). The only game that features a Jack as a Trump are Jack-Nine cards, or the Jass group: Klaberjass, Klaverjas, and others. In the Are You Alice? series, the Trump Soldiers include every soldier working for the Queen of Hearts, including the Knave of Hearts.
  • In the drama CD, the White Rabbit is present both when the Knave and the Queen first meet and when the party is ongoing. Apart from lacking a scene of Alice attempting to shoot the White Rabbit only to be reminded he's out of bullets, the manga remains unchanged as the Cheshire Cat and the Fish Footman obtain the White Rabbit's lines.