Almost all throughout the series, mistresses are frequently seen with their men whose role is for their pleasure and entertainment, some may truly "love" them for who they are, distinctly, the White Rabbit's devotion to Marianne.


Queen of Hearts
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In the Queen's Castle, the mistresses are usually the ones guarding and surrounding the place. The Queen is also frequently seen with women as he is in his throne. When he, Alice and the Knave of Hearts goes to a journey in performing his mission, the Queen got surrounded by a lot of young girls, offering him a lot of gifts and presents. Furthermore, the Queen tells Alice, when he is dressed as a woman, that he hates adult men.

Cheshire Cat
The Cheshire Cat is the Duchess' pet as well as his mistress. The Duchess has an unrequited love for him that it is one of her regrets before her beheading. As a new duchess replaces her, the Cheshire Cat seems to be already fed up with her. There are also instances that he is seen with women in bed.

White Rabbit
The White Rabbit has a one-sided love for Marianne that almost everything he does in Wonderland is for her. He also mentions that dying for someone like her would be happiness to him as Marianne asks him if he wants to die. Moreover, he is shown that he prepares dinner for her.