メアリアン, Mearian

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Alice Liddell
(アリス・リデル, Arisu Rideru)

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Mai Nakahara



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Charlotte Liddell

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White Rabbit

Marianne (メアリアン, Mearian) was the mysterious presumed older sister of Alice. She was usually guarded and served by the White Rabbit, who was assumed to be in love with her, recognizing her as the true Alice.

In reality, she was Alice Liddell (アリス・リデル, Arisu Rideru), the younger sister of Charlotte Liddell and presumably the "student" of Lewis Carroll. She also had a pet cat named Dinah who listened to her stories as its owner.


Alice Liddell and Lewis Carroll had a good relationship with each other. They were in love with one another, as though they were lovers. However, Lewis had not once even kissed Alice. Lewis was a writer, and Alice enjoyed hearing him tell her his stories.

Alice Liddell's pet cat, Dinah, who later abandoned that name and took the name of Cheshire Cat, picked the brother out of the rubbish bin and saved him. Dinah loved Alice Liddell as she was his mistress, and he's her pet cat. But the brother was hardly human in appearance, having been destroyed by Lewis. Dinah travelled to various different worlds, looking for body parts to rebuild the younger brother.

Slowly, bit by bit, Dinah put the brother back together, specially getting blue eyes and blonde hair just like Alice Liddell's. Dinah named the younger brother, Alice.

Alice loved his elder sister, Alice Liddell, deeply. Dinah and Alice both decided that Alice had to travel into Wonderland to save Lewis Carroll and Alice Liddell, who were both trapped inside that world.

The White Rabbit was in love with Alice Liddell, whom he found wandering around Wonderland, which was completely empty at that time. He decided to protect Alice Liddell at all costs, and named her Marianne.


Marianne has long, curly blonde hair with a small portion of braided hair in front of her. She wears a black headband with a ribbon as its design. Her outfit is similar to a maid's usual dress where her main dress is coloured blue and her apron is white with a big ribbon tied around her waist. She wears a pair of white stockings and black shoes.


Marianne, as she appears entirely in Chapter 8, is rather an adorable and caring "sister" to her "brother," Alice, who served him a table of sweets and stuffs when he "falls" down to her place. She can be clumsy in some cases and also sweet. However, once the name of "Alice" is spoken, she tends to have an intense anger and emotion to it.

Her name is something important to her and it is the sole reason for her existence. She is usually seen deliberately asking for her name that is taken away from her, but somehow, when she was "killed" by Alice, she "gives" it away to Alice for him to be happy and satisfied.


Arrival of the 89th Alice in WonderlandEdit

Upon Alice's "illegal intrusion" to Wonderland, the White Rabbit comments that he does not need a name. Sitting at her throne, Marianne is promised by her lover that he will definitely fulfill her wish.[1]

After a turn of events during the 89th Alice's first meeting with the Queen of Hearts, Marianne – whose identity is still currently unknown to Alice – appears to Alice after he exclaims that he did not arrive to Wonderland to kill anyone. With this, Marianne, sitting at her throne, urges Alice to take the name "Alice", as he wanted a name after all. Since he wants to become Alice, she asks him to kill her to make himself happy, at which point Alice uncontrollably fires his gun at the Queen in reality. However, at another perspective, the lady claims that her name is her reason for existing, hence seemingly pleading for it not to be taken away from her. Otherwise, without a name, she will disappear.[2]

She is later seen[Note 1] reading a book about the characters of Wonderland; she then draws an image of a boy, whose identity she questions. As she is called by someone, she grabs her pet cat Dinah and leaves the room.

Ruckus at Town SquareEdit

Marianne is presumed to be the one who proclaims that she "has found Alice", shocking several various characters in Wonderland.[3]

Marianne shot

Marianne gets shot by Alice

As Alice falls down inside the Duke, he lands at a garden where she encounters him and is referred to as his "big sister".[4] She embraces her "brother" and takes him to her house where she treats him with various sweets and pastries. She gets mocked by Alice who says that her "teacher" is not really fond of sweets, but she rebukes him and tells him that the food is for him as well. He finally gives in to try the food, much to her joy. Alice advises her not to walk outside too much, though she says that her pet Dinah is with her all the time, even giving advice for her – "Alice" – to reach the end of the story. Confused, Alice tells her that he is "Alice", but she suddenly turns cold and orders him to give her name back. Her brother turns cold as well at the prospect of not being acknowledged by anyone like a scrap piece of paper; as he proclaims that he will become "Alice", he fires his gun at her, seemingly killing her.

Later, she appears once again at her throne, with the White Rabbit promising to save her and calls her "Alice".[5]


  • In Alice in Wonderland, Mary Ann was the name of the maid that served the White Rabbit. She is never seen nor heard, but is referenced when the White Rabbit mistakes Alice for her.


  • (To Alice) "You want to become Alice, don't you? Kill me and make yourself happy."[2]
  • "I've found... Alice."[3]
  • "Hey, Alice... Give me back my name."[5]
  • "If you stop, if you look behind the story ... can not move forward".
  • "...Have to go... See Sensei..."
  • "A friend... Of the White Rabbit's...? ...How nice..."
  • "I... Just... Want to stay "Alice In Wonderland." That's all..."
  • "Mister Cheshire Cat is the Duchess's pet cat. But all he ever does is play around outside."
  • "You weren't satisfied with just sharing my name. And now you're even trying to steal being Alice in Wonderland from me."
  • "No. No! No! No! Stop it! Stop it! Stop it! You are not Alice! You are most definitely not Alice! Give Alice in Wonderland back to me. I... I don't want a "little brother"!!!"


  1. She is presumed to be Alice Liddell in this scenario.


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