Mad Hatter

Mad Hatter

Lewis Carroll

イカレ帽子屋, Ikare Bōshi-ya

Real Name

Lewis Carroll
(ルイス・キャロル, Ruisu Kyaroru)

Personal Information




29 years old


January 27th


Daresbury, Cheshire, Northwest England


178 cm


Dark brown








Alice's guardian (Wonderland)
Writer (Real world)

Part-time job

Mascot (Fushishī)[1]



Chapter 1

Voice Actor

Drama CD

Hiroaki Hirata



Alice Liddell


Humpty Dumpty


White Knight

The Mad Hatter (イカレ帽子屋, Ikare Bōshi-ya) is a resident of Wonderland who pledged loyalty to the Queen of Hearts, and his duty is to protect "Alice" from enemies such as the Regrets.

In reality, he is Lewis Carroll (ルイス・キャロル, Ruisu Kyaroru), the author who created the work Alice's Adventures in Wonderland along with its characters and the location itself. He resides in England and is frequently visited by Alice Liddell, who fondly calls and treats him as "Teacher".


His true identity is Lewis Carroll, the creator of Alice in Wonderland and also the teacher of Alice Liddell. He may have been in love with her, almost possessive.

Queen stop time

The Mad Hatter asks the Queen of Hearts to stop his time

He later came to Wonderland, where the White Rabbit bestowed him the name of the "Mad Hatter". He came to the Queen's castle where the Queen of Hearts gave him a gun, and told him the role as the one who can kill anyone hostile towards Alice. The Hatter complained having to kill for someone whom he does not know, but the Queen told him to follow his orders absolutely. Despite the Hatter's time being the only accurate, the Queen offered him a choice to have his time stopped anytime. Having witnessed the deaths of the previous Alices, he came to the Queen and appealed to have his time stopped.[2] He also opened a hat shop at some point, where the March Hare soon shopped at, but it closed at some point, either prior to or after the Hatter had his time stopped.


The Mad Hatter is a male adult with pale skin and has curly hair reaching above his shoulders. His height is 178cm (5'10"). His face expression is always seen as boring and strict having large eye bags, a shaved beard and is always seen smoking cigarettes. Above his head lies a magician-like hat with a white cloth is tied around it. He wears a black formal suit with hunting stock (his weird tie) and shoes.


In contrast with the 89th Alice, who's very out-going and open with his emotions, the is much more calm and reserved.  Previously, he was seriously "devoted" to protecting Alice, and as seen with the 88th Alice, he even developed love and care for the them. However, the Hatter has clashed on numerous occasions with the current Alice, getting into arguments often and even taking up the Alice Fixed Holiday for the first time because of how much he hates the current Alice. Though, on rare occasions, the can be seen showing kindness to the 89th, giving him advice and even being kind (albeit in his own way).

Despite his time being stuck, he is very particular to time, often stating the exact time they have to go out even though the clocks say otherwise; when first bringing the 89th Alice to see the Queen, Alice immediately pointed out that, despite the Hatter saying they were leaving at six, the clock was reading two. He values the time of six o'clock in the evening, which is what his pocket watch is permanently stopped at, since it is the time for tea. Most of the time, the Hatter stays in his apartment.

His interactions with the Cheshire Cat are very negative - ever since the incident with the 88th Alice, the usually aims his gun at the Cheshire Cat, threatening to shoot him despite being unable to see the Cheshire Cat. More so, he is normally very hostile about the Cat, and only on the occasion shows kindness to him. Once or twice, the even admits that the Cheshire Cat is better suited to find Alice, and they even attended the Alice Fixed Holiday party together.

One of the Hatter's closest friends is the Dormouse. Despite showing high loyalty to the Queen of Hearts, it was through interactions with him that the finally began to split from the story as well. It is implied that they have known each other for a while, as far back as the Hatter has known the March Hare, and they often drink together in between games.


Arrival of the 89th Alice in WonderlandEdit

Summoned by the Queen of Hearts, the Mad Hatter apologizes to the monarch for his tardiness brought about by the tea party he had attended. The Queen tells him that the stray cat has made a move, prompting him to think that "Alice" may have already been found. Asserting his allegiance to the Queen, he takes his leave from the palace.

Hatter Alice first meet

The Hatter saving Alice from a Regret

When Alice gets strangled by a Regret, the Hatter points his gun at her and shoots it, causing it to disappear. He stands before Alice and asks if he could stand, with a confused Alice asking the man's identity.[3] With Alice having vague memories of the Hatter, Alice reluctantly refuses to go with him. As the Hatter shoots down some Regrets hiding on the rooftops, Alice asks if he is an enemy or not, finally deciding to go along with him. Warning him not to turn around, the Hatter explains the Queen of Hearts' order to throw away one's past behind; hence, the Regrets surface if one "turns around". As they walk, the Hatter asks Alice if he has met the Cheshire Cat. Reappearing again, the latter clarifies to the Hatter that Alice named himself. The Hatter ignores him, ordering Alice not to meet up with the Cheshire Cat ever again. The Cheshire Cat tells Alice that the Hatter cannot see him and hates him, only for the Hatter to clarify that he loves all cats except him. After being chased away, the Cheshire Cat apologizes and asks to talk to him later, and, as he leaves the Hatter, he clarifies that he works for the Duchess.

As they rest at his flat, the Hatter drinks some tea where Alice makes his own tea, telling his "guest" that the house is not for entertaining people. Alice asks the Hatter why he is the one chosen to meet the Queen, to which the Hatter does not know, asserting that he only follows the orders. However, he ultimately answers that it is because he is "Alice". The Hatter then gives Alice his own gun meant to protect himself. As Alice points it at him, the Hatter tells him that he cannot kill him, utterly because the gun is not loaded. Clarifying that Alice does not need to protect himself, he explains that he is the one who shall do so. As the Hatter finishes his tea, he kills another Regret from earlier and further explains what they are. Noticing it to be six o'clock on his pocketwatch, the Hatter brings Alice to the castle. Waiting outside, the Hatter encounters a Trump Soldier, who tells him that he is not allowed inside by the Queen. He further comments that the 89th Alice is not charming at all, unlike the previous candidates. The Trump asks him if he shall kill the Queen should Alice turn against the monarch, but he decides that it shall depend on the situation. After all, killing the Queen, whom he have given his time – hence, his loyalty – to, is unthinkable. He is also revealed to have waited for such a long time for the Queen to trust him, but the Trump asserts that the Queen may never trust him even if he had to wait his whole life, since his "time" would not stand still forever.[4] After the Queen's and Alice's conversation, the Hatter, waiting outside, encounters Alice; by then, it is revealed that the Hatter has been appointed by the Queen to be Alice's partner, as he has the power to kill anyone hostile to Alice. The latter then reveals to the Hatter about their contract with the Queen, to which the Hatter becomes shocked and remarks Alice as an amazing person to be able to such thing, becoming more interested in the kind of person he is. At one point during their way back, Alice turns around as if responding to someone calling him, making the Hatter reprimand him for "looking back", or Regrets may attack him again.[5]

Back at their flat, the Hatter drinks some tea as Alice curiously inspects a sealed door. Nonetheless, he opens it and a mountain of hats erode over him. Revealing a shop for hats, the Hatter tells him that the shop is closed after Alice asks him if he is serious with his business. Due to his boredom, Alice thinks of killing the White Rabbit instead of slacking off, but the Hatter instructs him to find the mouse, the only informant in Wonderland who is knowledgeable of the White Rabbit's whereabouts; he adds that they shall look for him after teatime. When Alice goes outside and is "kidnapped" by the fish footman of the Duchess, the Hatter ignores Alice's scream for help, only commenting on the quality of the tea he is having.[6] Later, when Alice is brought back by the Cheshire Cat, the Hatter fires his gun at the latter, ordering him to let Alice go, or will shoot him again. The Cheshire Cat acquiesces and leaves, annoying the Hatter; the latter reprimands Alice for seeing the Cheshire Cat, but he notices Alice's uneasiness and asks him what the matter is. Alice asks him what Alice is; the Hatter fires his gun again and tells him that he is Alice.[7]

Duke forms Hatter

The Duke forms behind the Mad Hatter

The next day, the Hatter fires his gun to wake Alice up, telling him that they are going to finally capture the mouse. Along the way, Alice bumps into three young children who run away from him after recognising him as Alice. As the residents stare at him, the Hatter puts his hat onto Alice and explains that no one in Wonderland wishes to get involved with Alice. The latter asks him if he is alright with this issue, where the Hatter answers he is; after all, it is an order from the Queen and he is the only one capable of protecting Alice. He also asks the Hatter if he was able to accompany the previous Alice before him, but before he could expound on his inquiry, the Hatter interrupts him, as they have arrived at Caterpillar Lane. Alice sees the entrance of the building and remarks it as "tacky", but the Hatter considers it as something "normal". The Hatter presents his pocketwatch to the key who acts as a guard, stating that they are to enter under the order of the Queen of Hearts. As Alice sticks his head onto the narrow entrance, a lady proclaims that she "has found Alice", much to the surprise of the Hatter and several characters in Wonderland. The Duke once again reappears and forms behind the Hatter, triggering him to leave Alice momentarily to take care of the situation.[8]

Ruckus at Town SquareEdit

Hatter misses

The Mad Hatter misses his target because of Alice's interruption

As the Duke makes it way towards the town square, the Hatter comments that the monster is going out of control, questioning what is happening. As the monster possessively looks for Alice, the Hatter tells it that Alice is not his. Again, he orders the Duke to return obediently or it will cease to exist if it disobeys the rules given to it. Angered, the Hatter points his gun at the monster in an attempt to shoot it, but he is interfered by the Duchess who tells him not to kill it, lest Wonderland will overflow with Regrets. He chides her that he knows such information and tells her to stop the "trash". As the Duke recognises her as a fake, the Hatter smokes his cigarette as he casually watches the Cheshire Cat cover the Duchess and receive an attack from the Duke directed for the Duchess.[8] The Hatter remarks the Duchess for not being of help, so he decides to shoot the Duke, no matter how distant it is from them. The Duchess worries, but the Cheshire Cat reassures that the Hatter is a skilled marksman, with the latter asserting his ability. As he shoots, Alice shouts at him, making him miss his target. Utterly annoyed, the Hatter orders Alice to run away from the Duke, but the latter eats him up, much to the Hatter's surprise along with the Duchess and Cheshire Cat.[9] He points his gun at the monster, only for the Duchess to stop him again, saying that Alice is still inside the Duke.

Suddenly, the White Rabbit arrives and slashes the Duke, retrieving an unconscious Alice. He tells the Hatter to admit that the 89th Alice is not Alice; the Hatter greets him back, saying it is unusual for the White Rabbit to meet them. As he departs, the Hatter gets confused with the White Rabbit's statement, as he thought that he is the one who brought Alice to Wonderland in the first place. The Cheshire Cat informs him that the 89th came to Wonderland out of his own will, angering the Hatter as the former has been keeping important things from him. The Cheshire Cat tells him that the Hatter can now do anything he wants with him.[10] He asks himself where the real Alice is, if the 89th Alice is not the real one.


After the Duke has been killed, the Duchess tells the Hatter that he is the only one whose past and regrets she was not able to see in the blank ink. She questions him what his purpose in Wonderland is, but he responds with a mere grin. He later comes to the Duchess' mansion and, while Alice rests, drinks some tea. However, as he was not the one who poured his drink, he complains that it does not have any flavour. He looks for some sugar, but the container of sugar has a reminder stating that there is no sugar available for anyone who would not pour tea for Alice, referring to the Hatter himself. He gets angry at the Duchess, when Alice arrives, recuperated and ready to resume the game.[2]


  • In Alice in Wonderland, the Mad Hatter was hosting a tea party as his house with his only guests being the Dormouse and the March Hare. He acts somewhat rude to Alice and later on appears in court to testify against the Knave of Hearts. During this, he shows fear, mostly due to the Queen glaring at him, and ends up being chased out when it is found that he was the contestant in the singing competition that "murdered Time". He later reappears in Through the Looking-Glass as a messenger to the White King. In the manga series, the Mad Hatter has an obsession with time and tea, both carry-overs from the original story, and he shows rudeness to Alice just like before. However, he is not terrified of the Queen except in rare moments and serves him with loyalty.
  • He cannot see the Cheshire Cat,[4] but he can deduce where the Cat is by sound and by luck.
  • He says that the day in which he misses a target is the day the world ends, implying that he is very accurate. However, it was that very same day that Alice distracted him and made him miss his target.[9]
  • The Mad Hatter's favorite food is black tea.
  • The Mad Hatter does not sleep since his time has stopped.
  • The Mad Hatter hates early spring because of the noise of cats.


  • (To Alice about the Cheshire Cat) "If you met him, fine. Just don't meet him again."[4]
  • (To Alice) "You're smart, yet you're an idiot."[4]
  • (To the Duke) "Alice isn't yours, you good-for-nothing scrap of paper."[8]
  • (To the Duchess and the Cheshire Cat) "If I were to miss the target, the world would end..."[9]
  • (Regarding the 89th Alice) "If this guy isn't Alice... Then where is the real Alice now?"[2]
  • "For the perfect tea, more sugar cubes are needed.."
  • (Referring to Alice when he dressed up as a female) "He looks like her...Hm? To whom...?"
  • "Be a little quieter, you two. Our opponent doesn't want to talk at all."
  • (To Alice) "More importantly, I'm not a hit man. I'm a hat man, right?"
  • (To Alice on killing someone) "... I never really feel anything when killing a person because it's not the type of thing you can put into words."


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