Looking-glass land welcome

Alice welcomed to Looking-Glass Land by the White Knight

Looking-Glass Land (鏡の国, Kagami no Kuni) is a fictional country that serves as the counterpart of Wonderland. Little in population, it is being ruled by the White Queen as the sole monarch.

History Edit

Looking-Glass Land was created by Lewis Carroll along with its residents, such as Tweedledee and Tweedledum with the abilities to "protect Regrets and names", respectively. He created the concept of their powers, as he once knew people who became caught up with the story world and thereby have lost everything, such as their name. With the creation of Looking-Glass Land, these people may be able to reissue regrets and issue new names, so that a name that has been thrown away would be able to be recovered and given a second chance to return to their path.[1]

Geography Edit

Looking-glass land view

A distant view of Looking-Glass Land from the castle

Since it is the counterpart of Wonderland, Looking-Glass Land is also set at the exact geographical location of the latter; this is further shown when the White Knight welcomed the 89th Alice in Wonderland and into Looking-Glass Land, where the location shifted from Wonderland's streets into what looked like a forest of Looking-Glass Land, though still remaining in the same location.[2]

Generally, Looking-Glass Land is covered in greenery and shrouded in forests,[3] as seen when Alice looks at the country from his castle.[1] Houses are also seen to be located in the midst of trees, like the Tweedles' house[1] as well as the White Queen's castle.[2]

Government Edit

Alice as queen

The White Knight bows before Alice as candidate for being the White Queen

The country is led by the White Queen, a monarch who is guarded by the White Knight. Like Wonderland, the rules of Looking-Glass Land are absolute. Furthermore, the White Queen also has the power to name certain locations out of his or her own volition and desire. However, to be the White Queen, the candidate for being such should not have any other name, like the case of the 89th Alice; as the White Knight explained, he has to return the name "Alice" to be able to be considered as queen. This is achievable through the ability of Tweedledum, a resident of the country with the power to return a resident's name or change it. Moreover, candidates for being the White Queen are treated as below the residents of Looking-Glass Land, despite, in the case of Alice, being given a grand treatment such as being welcomed with a carriage and served with a huge amount of food. However, once Alice has been inaugurated as the White Queen, the White Knight assured him that he shall put his life to protect the Queen.[4]

Inhabitants Edit

As noted by the White Knight, Looking-Glass Land has a small population.[3] Most notably, they look similar to the inhabitants of Wonderland, but, unlike most of the residents of Wonderland, some inhabitants such as the Tweedles wear casual clothing, while the White Knight, being a bodyguard of the White Queen, dresses in a formal fashion. It is unknown what the rest of the residents of Looking-Glass Land are like, but the White Knight once mentioned that they have been waiting for the birth of the Queen of Looking-Glass Land.[3]

At the Queen's castle, the White Knight is the only one present in the place alongside Alice as the Queen. Since he was the only one present, the White Knight serves as the Queen's cook and is knowledgeable about the castle and the country itself. Alice also apparently ordered the White Knight to have 51 servants, preferably "women and should all be cute"[4] – a trait shared by the Queen of Hearts' Trump Soldiers.

Culture Edit

Cuisine Edit

LGL cuisine

Food served for Alice at the castle

Not much is known about Looking-Glass Land's cuisine, but the White Knight once served Alice a massive amount of food for him, which consisted of different meats, pastries, and fruits. Alice notes that the food exudes a "super welcoming mood"[1] and describes the cuisine, specifically the meat, as "delicious" despite him not knowing what kind of meat he was eating.[4]

Tea Edit

Like Wonderland, tea is a beverage served occasionally in Looking-Glass Land. The White Knight, though not shown, once stated to discuss matters and several details concerning Alice's candidacy in becoming Queen of Looking-Glass Land over teatime during leisure.[2] Furthermore, tea is also served to guests, like what Tweedledum and Tweedledee did to Alice and the Mad Hatter when they arrived at the twins' home. Tweedledum served tea alongside pastry, specifically cake, asserting it to be tasty by himself and the Hatter.[5]

Transport Edit

Carriage Edit

White Knight carriage

The White Queen's carriage

A notable mode of transport in Looking-Glass Land is a private carriage captained by the White Knight to fetch Alice who was, at the time, a candidate of becoming Queen of the country.[2] Later, the White Knight confessed that the carriage can only be utilised for official business,[4] and, hence, cannot be used by Alice in going to Tweedledum's house.

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