Let's Mad Tea Party



Rettsu Maddo Tī Pātī


Welcome to the mad tea party!

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Not Know When To Give Up


Unbidden Guest

Let's Mad Tea Party, stylised as Let's MAD TEA PARTY, is chapter 25 of the Are You Alice? manga series.


A concubine of the Queen warns him to evacuate the palace immediately, but is killed afterwards by the Dormouse. The Knave of Hearts attacks him, but the latter dodges him. Pointing his weapon at the Knave, Dormouse tells him to get out of the way for he also has a "purpose". However, the Knave disregards him and tries to land another attack, which succeeds. Though he was able to injure the Dormouse, the Knave was shot through another gun of the "cautious" Dormouse. Arriving to the Queen, the Dormouse blackmails him that the "pitiful human who can be exterminated by a mouse" is the Queen himself.

Dodo stabbed

The Dodo is stabbed by the Cheshire Cat

Meanwhile at the Pool of Tears, the Cheshire Cat and Alice are bored, while the Dodo keeps telling them that they are going to die in the Caucus Race. Alice tells the Cheshire Cat that whenever the Hatter is with the Dormouse, it feels like time is moving. The Cheshire Cat asks Alice if he is jealous of the Dormouse, to which Alice completely denies. Alice now thinks of a lot of things regarding killing the White Rabbit. Suddenly, the Dodo weeps and tells that his "friend is going to die in the Caucus Race". He continuously seeks the help of Alice, but is eventually stabbed by the Cheshire Cat. After eliminating all the "hindrances", the Cheshire Cat starts his business with Alice. He questions Alice if he is also an "enemy". At the library, the Caterpillar reveals that the Dormouse and the Dodo are "friends".