Alice among the inhabitants of Wonderland

The inhabitants of Wonderland are merely the people who live at the country where the Queen of Hearts governs. In accordance to their appearances and characteristics, it can be assumed that they are residents with English blood and nationality.

Behaviour towards AliceEdit

Upon the 89th Alice's arrival at Wonderland, a welcome festival is being held in honor of welcoming the latest Alice. The residents are seen to be eager for the arrival of the new Alice and have been looking forward to that day,[1] making every preparation for the festivity. As the name "Alice" was mentioned, the residents stared down at Alice, to which the Cheshire Cat reminded Alice not to "look back".[2]

Inhabitants towards Alice

Inhabitants avoidably staring at Alice

However, given their knowledge on who the current Alice is, the inhabitants avoid the current candidate and make sure that they do not get involved with Alice. One notable instance of their behaviour towards Alice is when three young children bump into the 89th Alice and immediately run away from him, apologising. The inhabitants also stare down at Alice, seemingly with caution so as not to create any sort of interaction with him. As per the Queen of Hearts' order, the Mad Hatter seems to be the only person who may create any form of interaction with Alice, serving as the latter's partner and protector from any hostile party.[3][4]


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