Humpty Dumpty

Humpty dumpty

ハンプティ ダンプティ, Hanputi Danputi

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Alice blue


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Editor of Lewis Carroll



Chapter 30

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Takehito Koyasu

Humpty Dumpty (ハンプティ ダンプティ, Hanputi Danputi) is the editor of Lewis Carroll.


Being Lewis Carroll's editor, Humpty Dumpty is well aware of Alice Liddel, Lewis's affections for her, and the current state of Alice in Wonderland. He was probably employed to help create Alice in Wonderland, and he checks with Lewis often to see how the book is progressing.


Humpty Dumpty wears various shades of blue and white, having a long white shirt underneath a blue swear and a darker blue coat. Around his neck is a black ascot and he wears black leggings. His boots, possibly white or a shade of blue in color, have handkerchiefs tied around them: two on his left boot and one on his right, all of the same color. His coat, weirdly enough, loops into a knot on his right side. His hair is Alice blue in color, his eyes are blue-grey, and his shoulder-length hair has bangs swiping to the right with several locks either done in cow-licks or trimmed flat.


Humpty Dumpty is a silly man, often over dramatic or very excitable. He has a small obsession with eggs, even singing about them, and he's generally eccentric. However, his care for Lewis fluctuates; though he visits Lewis often, even commenting that there's no room to stand in his cluttered office, he remarks that Lewis should become more and more obsessed with Alice and only shows worry about the numerous Alices.


  • He is the alter ego of Rose.
  • Humpty Dumpty has several sources from the original book and other stories.
    • The name alludes to a nursery rhyme of the giant egg who sat on walls, only to eventually fall off them.
    • In Through the Looking Glass, Humpty Dumpty uses the word "proud" and is characterized as a philologist and philosopher as well as helpful, going through the Jabberwocky poem with Alice and making up definitions for some of the words. He also switches personalities very quickly and even remarks that he isn't worried about falling off the wall he's sitting on since the King will send all his horses and men to help.
    • According to Mother Goose in Prose, referenced in the annotated version of Through the Looking-Glass, Humpty Dumpty is an editor of his own magazine, named Humpty Dumpty's Magazine. He also has a son, Humpty Dumpty Jr.
  • It's very possible that he's aware of Are You Alice?, commenting in chapter 42 that the story is "getting to the good part". He also interacts with the 89th Alice during one of the Special Edition CDs, "Be Knifed to Death" and knows of the existence of "Alice's little brother" and the story relating to him.