Hands Up, Children!

Chapter 13


Hanzu Appu Chirudoren!


That day, what I received from Papa and Mama was the worst present. See, me? I'd always hated my own name. It seemed that wherever I was, it was a totally mediocre, boring name. I really hated it.

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The Queen's Croquet-Ground



Hands Up, Children!, stylised as Hands up! children, is chapter 13 of the Are You Alice? manga series.


A flashback starts where the 88th Alice arrives in Wonderland, being named by the White Rabbit as "Alice". Being such, he tells her to meet with the Queen of Hearts and call herself with the name "Alice"; if she'll be able to complete the game of killing him, only then will she become the true Alice. From there, he leaves her confused, but she is suddenly called as "Alice" by the Mad Hatter. In his flat, she asks who he is, but the Mad Hatter also asks if she didn't hear the story from the White Rabbit. After Ultimately, he tells her that his job is to protect her and that they shall go to the Queen at six o'clock. In the Queen's castle, he converses with the previous Duchess about the carefree character of the 88th Alice. The Duchess adds that she's obedient and able to fit quite easily into the story. She reassures the Queen that she shall perform her duty as the substitute should the Duke run amok. The Queen remembers that her pet cat still hasn't come to greet him yet.

In his domain, the White Rabbit is visited by the Cheshire Cat making him furious. Upon seeing each other, the White Rabbit plans to attack the Cheshire Cat, but was stopped by him. The Cheshire Cat tells him that the White Rabbit's power to hold the story in place is seemingly beginning to waste away, further angering the swordsman. He asks the Cheshire Cat who the 89th Alice really is, saying that he is altering the way the story is supposed to be written. Since he cannot handle the conversation, the Cheshire Cat puts their "heavy discussion" to an end. The White Rabbit leaves, as the Cheshire Cat reminisces the first time he was slapped by a woman.

Another flashback shows the 88th Alice slapping the Cheshire Cat, venting out her anger at the one who killed her. He realises that her anger comes from the fact that her "Sensei" was not the one who killed her as she would have originally wanted, but she states that she wanted to become Alice. Unlike the previous Alices whom she described as useless, she was deemed as the one who was closest to finish the game. Furthermore, she discloses that she has not passed the ability to kill the White Rabbit to anyone, preferring to be the only person that "Sensei" loves.

At his flat, the Mad Hatter makes some tea according to his flavour. He decides to leave, but a Regret blocks his way, asking him to acknowledge him. Annoyed, the Hatter shoots it.

Alice saves Bibi

Alice saves Bibi from the Queen

Alice saves a child from being attacked by the Queen of Hearts. He demands an explanation from the Queen; the latter merely answers that Alice should not interfere with his job, or he shall not reward Alice. Rogy bites Alice, demanding to let Bibi go, and asks Coco to flee, but the latter was caught by the Knave of Hearts. The Queen explains that the children have committed a taboo, hence handing down the necessary consequence. Alice sympathizes for the three kids, but Rogy doesn't agree that they are "kids", connoting the Duchess as a "kid" who was forced to be Alice's substitute. Angrily, Rogy declares that he takes the role as Alice's enemy.