Chapter 17


Furedi Kyatto


The dream that the Dormouse sees in Wonderland is…?

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Fraidy-Cat, stylised as fraidy-cat, is chapter 17 of the Are You Alice? manga series.


Foot 49 fall

Alice, the Hatter, and the Caterpillar fall down through Centipede

Alice and the Mad Hatter arrive at and enter Caterpillar Lane where not a single person can be seen. Alice picks up an apple and a sudden voice comes out, which was made by a caterpillar inside it. As Alice drops it, a dark-skinned, hooded woman pulls his arm and let it "squeeze" her breasts, making Alice scandalised due to her action. She welcomes the two to Caterpillar Lane but made no reaction at all. After a brief "reunion", the Caterpillar concludes that they need information for coming at the location; she locates the Dormouse at the bar. From the bookshelf, she grabs the book 100 Tales of Caterpillar Lane, opens the chapter "Foot 49: The Wimpy Book", and falls down a portal.

As they land at a cartoon-like version of Wonderland, the Hatter discusses that "The Wimpy Book" is rather the title that the Dormouse chooses among other titles to pick from: "The Spendthrift's Book", "The Parasite's Book", "The Third wheel's Book" (the one she recommends), and "The Book of Earthenware Teapot Steamed Food". The Caterpillar decides to help them in the boring story. As Alice and the Hatter get into an argument, she advises Alice to act accordingly to the chosen book – in other words, as the Hatter explains, he has to behave like a wimp. Needed to act differently than he normally would, Alice considers this as the hardest rule he has thus far encountered.