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Dorinku Mī


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Drink Me, stylised as Drink me, is chapter 2 of the Are You Alice? manga series. It corresponds to track 2 of the drama CD of the same name, Drink Me.


As Alice is saved by the mysterious man from the young girl who strangled him before, and he thinks that he has seen him somewhere. The man orders Alice that they would go to the main street, but Alice refuses. The former shoots upward, killing another Regret who is about to attack them. He tells Alice not to turn around no matter what for it was an order by the Queen of Hearts.

At the Hatter's flat, Alice and the Hatter drink some tea, though Alice complains that the Mad Hatter is not serving him some tea despite being a guest. Unfortunately, the Mad Hatter explains that the house is not for entertaining people, telling him to pour himself some tea. The Mad Hatter tells Alice that he shall take him to the Queen by six o'clock, as it may count as a tourist attraction. The Mad Hatter throws a gun to him, where Alice thinks that the smartest thing to do is to shoot him first; after all, the gun is for protecting himself. However, the Mad Hatter says that he cannot kill him. As Alice points his gun to him and shoots him, there are no bullets in it. The Mad Hatter points again his gun near Alice, killing another Regret behind the latter. He tells Alice that his job is to protect him from "enemies", a reason why there is no need for him to protect himself. Alice compliments the Queen that it would be good if her beauty is the kind he is into. The Mad Hatter tells him to look forward to it as much as he can.

Queen orders Alice

The Queen orders Alice to kill the White Rabbit

As they arrive to the Queen's Castle, the Queen then asks for Alice's name, saying "Alice" afterwards. The Queen assumes that he had already met the White Rabbit who brought him to Wonderland. Unfortunately, Alice does not know much about the White Rabbit. The Queen asks him if the White Rabbit was the one who gave him the name of "Alice", which made Alice more puzzled, though he answered affirmatively with doubt. The Queen gets irritated, but proceeds to tell him the reason why she summoned him. The Queen wants him to participate in the game to kill the White Rabbit. The Queen tells him that the rules are very simple: the power to kill the White Rabbit shall be given to Alice in Wonderland. If Alice uses that power to kill the White Rabbit, Alice is the winner. The Queen repeats that since he is Alice, he alone can kill the White Rabbit.

One of the concubines of the Queen greets the Mad Hatter outside, as he was not allowed to enter by the Queen. He comments that the latest Alice is not rather charming, unsure whether Alice will listen to the Queen's orders. The concubine asks him if the Mad Hatter shall kill the Queen once Alice disobeys his orders, to which the Mad Hatter responds that it shall depend on the situation, since he is generally loyal to the Queen to the point that he gave him his time. The concubine tells him that even if he waits for his whole life, his time will not stand still forever.

The Queen tells Alice that the idea of the game to kill the White Rabbit originated from the White Rabbit himself, claiming that he is looking for something that he shall never find. As the White Rabbit has decided, the Alice that can kill the White Rabbit is the "real" Alice. The game shall not end until the real Alice is found. As Alice starts to doubt whether to join the game, the Queen orders Alice to kill the White Rabbit.


  • The title alludes to the "drink me" bottle found in Wonderland from the original story. When Alice from the story drunk this, the liquid caused her to shrink in size. This drink is the counterpart of the "eat me" cake, which oppositely causes Alice to grow in size when eaten.
    • The cover for this chapter mirrors the effect of the "drink me" liquid: behind Alice, a gigantic bottle can be seen opened, where liquid leaks out. The tag on the bottle's neck covers part of Alice's head, giving the illusion that Alice has "shrunk" in size. This may indicate that Alice seemingly "drank" from the bottle, making him appear smaller.
  • For a brief moment, Alice recalls scattered paper when he first sees the Mad Hatter.
  • When the Mad Hatter points his gun at the Cheshire Cat, he fails to even try and look at the space before him. Instead, he stares off in an entirely different direction. This is odd because, when threatening the Cheshire Cat he could not see later on, he always looks ahead to where the gun is pointing (towards the Cheshire Cat).
  • After Alice realizes the revolver he received was empty, the Mad Hatter throws what looks like spent shell casing at Alice. It should be noted that the casings are hollow and one can look through them; revolver shell casings, when empty, still have one end of the case shut off by a piece of metal.
  • Until the Queen of Hearts is formally revealed, everyone addresses him with feminine pronouns.
  • When the Knave of Hearts first appears, his uniform is white, as well as the hearts tattooed under the Queen's right eye. In later chapters, these two aspects change into a darker color, presumably black or red, respectively.
  • In the drama CD, Alice never makes a comment towards getting even with the Mad Hatter flat-out lying to him about the Queen's gender like he does in the manga. The scene also goes by very calmly in the drama CD: Alice does not panic upon hearing he has to kill someone, the Knave never threatens Alice, and the Queen never gets his scythe out to order Alice to kill the White Rabbit.
  • Not counting his hand gestures and when he stands, the Queen of Hearts' hands relocate a total of seven times.