Down The Rabbit-Hole

Chapter 1


Daun Za Rabbito Hōru


Wonderland's game is beginning—

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Drink Me

Down The Rabbit-Hole, stylised as Down the Rabbit-Hole, is chapter 1 of the Are You Alice? manga series. It also corresponds to the first two tracks of the drama CD Drink Me disk one.


The story begins with the Queen of Hearts, ordering the Mad Hatter to kill the White Rabbit, who has started making its move. A blond young man arrives in Wonderland, hoping to see what he is searching for. There is a festival going on and he is suddenly grabbed by a young man with the ears of a cat, who is presumed to be called Cheshire Cat. The latter welcomes him to Wonderland with the name of "Alice", but he apologized for mistaking him as such.

Meanwhile, there is an unknown setting with an infinite flooring with a blonde lady and a boy with rabbit ears, who states that humans who have lost their dreams have no need of a dwelling place; no matter how important it is that they are seeking for cannot be found in Wonderland. He assures the lady that he will fulfill her wish.

Alice gets strangled

Alice gets strangled by a Regret

Going back, the Cheshire Cat takes Alice to the Queen, however, as Alice turns around, he finds himself lost with black oozes called miren (or Regrets) in front of him who then turns into a girl. Alice thinks of them as enemies, though the Cheshire Cat explains that Regrets only wish to stay by the side of humans they like. As Alice notices that the Cheshire Cat disappears, the young girl hugs him and suddenly kisses him on the lips. He pushes her away and continues to cough hard, spitting out black fluid. The young girl talks a lot about Alice and that she would help him find his lost way, so he would return his name of "Alice of Wonderland". Alice tells her that he is not Alice, prompting the young girl to tell Alice to just die. Alice suffocates as the young girl strangles him. Suddenly, someone appears behind the girl and points out a gun at her. Telling Alice to be quiet, if he does not want to die, the man shoots her. Then, he appears before the panting Alice, asking him if he could stand. Alice then asks him who he is.


  • The chapter's title presumably tells how Alice exactly arrived in Wonderland.
  • The chapter has a few differences from the drama CD:
    • In the drama CD, Wonderland's entrance is a door with a cheaply made sign pointing to it, which is familiar to anyone who has read Alice in Wonderland. However, in the manga, Wonderland's residents first arrive in a forest and come to a cheaply made sign pointing them towards the town.
    • In the drama CD, the Queen of Hearts makes his debut in a private room having an intercourse with a Trump. In the manga, this is replaced by him on his throne addressing the Mad Hatter, with one of his two hands slipping into a Trump's underbodice.
  • It is currently one of the longest chapters in the series, having a total of 48 pages.