Crumble Like Cookies

Chapter 15


Kuranburu Raiku Kukkīsu


Won't it change? This distant relationship...

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Be Lost In Reverie

Crumble Like Cookies, stylised as Crumble like cookies, is chapter 15 of the Are You Alice? manga series.


Alice holds the key to Caterpillar Lane as his reward from the Queen of Hearts. Behind him, two shadows resembling the silhouette of ladies are following him. At the abandoned house, the Knave of Hearts cradles the boy's dead body, and the past of the Queen is shown. It is revealed that the Queen was formerly an entertainer where he chose women whom he killed. Eventually, he killed 52 women, similar to the number of a [deck of cards without a Joker] – he wonders if he was the Joker. However, as he arrived in Wonderland, he realised that he was not the Joker. As he orders his Trump Soldiers to clean up the mess, the Knave of Hearts asks the Queen if showing the children's execution was his goal. The Queen merely tells him to not speak. He picks the paper and concludes that the 89th Alice is accustomed to be hated.

X list

Images of characters, where those with an "X" mark are deceased

Alice walks along the streets; in a fit of rage, he pounds the wall and cries. Marianne appears in front of Alice, asking him if he intends give up, but as Alice lifts up his head, he sees a long-haired woman. The Cheshire Cat witnesses this and bids good luck to either Alice or the woman. After buying sugar cubes, the Mad Hatter smokes and notices that rain also falls in Wonderland. Images depicting several characters are shown, where an "X" mark is placed on the deceased. The Mad Hatter seems to have a bad feeling; his tea is shown to have a floating stalk, deeming it an "auspicious sign".


  • In the final scene, the Mad Hatter's tea has a stalk floating upright. This contains several allusions:
    • In Japan, a tea stalk floating vertically is called chabashira (茶柱, literally meaning "tea pillar"). It is said to be an auspicious sign or good luck; this is what the Hatter states despite previously saying that he has a bad feeling.
    • In England, when a tea stalk floats upright, one of its meanings is that a stranger is coming. This may roughly refer to the arrival of the 88th Alice, a stranger whom the 89th Alice encountered.