Clock That Began To Move

Chapter 32


Kurokku Zatto Began Tsu Mūbu


I have a future I want to reach—

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32[Note 1]

Cover Character

Mad Hatter (Presumed; highly obscured)



Time Will Tell


Who Shot The Gun?

Clock That Began To Move, stylised as Clock that began to move., is chapter 32[Note 1] of the Are You Alice? manga series.


Alice is wounded with the 88th Alice telling him that he is empty inside. Alice's inside is all paper, and picks up a paper, saying "Why did you kill Alice? Why are you hurting Alice?". Marianne appears and tells Alice if it is okay for him not to live because she does not want a "little brother". She picks up the paper that Alice got and rips it apart, causing her to disappear.

Watch moving

The Mad Hatter's time starts to move

Alice wakes up and realizes that is was all just a dream, and he did not die. He tells the Mad Hatter that he cannot understand the terror of a nightmare because his time is stopped. He tells him that he is not the Alice Wonderland desired. Though he is empty, he is living. Because of this, the Hatter points his gun towards Alice, since he is a pointless Alice. But the Hatter tells him the informant is dead. He adds that Alice can also say carefree things, so the latter tells him that he wants to live. The Hatter says that he is an Alice who chose its own purpose and that he is not ready to die yet. He told Alice that his order from the Queen of Hearts was to bring Alice in front of him; if Alice is not the Alice, then the Hatter will be killed. Despite him being called "fake", Alice is determined that he is Wonderland's Alice, no matter what. Alice makes up his mind about his purpose: to give Alice her name back. Meanwhile, the Hatter looks at his pocketwatch and notices that it is already 6:15 – "tea time is over".


  1. 1.0 1.1 The chapter was incorrectly numbered as "Chapter 33" in the magazine.