Bestow The Name

Chapter 27


Besutō Za Nēmu


Genuine and fake. Fiction and reality.
Dare to decide—?

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Bestow The Name, stylised as bestow the name, is chapter 27 of the Are You Alice? manga series.


The White Rabbit tells Alice that the true Alice of Wonderland exists.

At the palace, the Mad Hatter arrives and points his gun at the Dormouse. The Dormouse explains that, as an informant, the White Rabbit does not want to have any partnerships. The Mad Hatter then asks him his purpose in Wonderland, but the Dormouse comes up with an excerpt from the original story. Having been disrespected, the Queen tries to attack the Dormouse but he attacks him instead. Continuing the story, the Mad Hatter realizes that he knows the story, but he cannot remember it at the same time. Recalling it, it is revealed that the Mad Hatter is "Sensei" and he knows the true Alice of Wonderland.

White Rabbit vs Alice

The White Rabbit versus Alice

Meanwhile, Alice has a dream in which he is seen with a girl whose name is "Alice". As he awakens, the White Rabbit welcomes the 89th Alice (he does not want to call him Alice, since he believes that he is a forgery of the true Alice) to the Land of Broken Toys. When asked what he wants broken, Alice answers he wants the White Rabbit broken. The White Rabbit then explains that since the Land of Broken Toys is a path of regrets, it is hard for Alice to breathe. He also finds a ton of broken toys as the floor of the place. Alice then gets his revolver and gets ready to kill the White Rabbit, but the White Rabbit also draws his sword to Alice. Finding the exit, Alice cannot open the door and is stabbed by the White Rabbit. He is about to say who the real Alice of Wonderland is, but he saw Marianne and pleads to not "crumble it up". He does not want to be killed by any other Alice because he believes that he will only be killed by the real Alice of Wonderland – the Alice he is infatuated with. Eventually, Alice was able to escape the White Rabbit through a door.