Be Lost In Reverie

Chapter 16


Bī Rosuto in Reverī


A happy ending is still so far away...

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Be Lost In Reverie, stylised as be lost in reveie[Note 1], is chapter 16 of the Are You Alice? manga series.


The original story's White Rabbit yells that he is late, fearing for his life. As he runs, he notices that Wonderland seems to be different; just then, Marianne tells him not to stop running. He further becomes worried that Alice is not present, when Marianne calls him, but her left foot trips at a rock. Calling her as Alice, the White Rabbit comes to her aid, but she tells him not to look back. She then loses her left foot literally, a sign that Wonderland is being distorted. She demands that she does not want a "little brother", asking him to stop "Sensei". At that moment, the paper rips.

Rabbit papers

The White Rabbit handed with the scattered pieces of Alice in Wonderland

The White Rabbit finds himself in a dark place, revealed by the Cheshire Cat as Wonderland torn into pieces. He discloses that the White Rabbit is the only one left of Wonderland and asks him to save Alice, who is presently dead. The Cheshire Cat further tells him that "Sensei" has been distorting Wonderland and therefore causes pain to Alice, despite being the creator of Wonderland and its characters. Finally, the White Rabbit accepts the Cheshire Cat's invitation to save Alice, if that is what she desires. He is then handed the scattered pieces of the manuscript of Alice in Wonderland. The Cheshire Cat also tells him that Wonderland was created by a man named Lewis Carroll.

At present, Alice gets poked and advised at by the 88th Alice that not moving forward entails not being able to do anything, similar to his state. However, she ultimately tells him that he cannot become Alice and asks him to return the name; she reveals that he is, after all, a Regret. Just then, she gets shot; the Mad Hatter comes to Alice's aid and points his gun at the Regret, causing it to dissipate. Alice asks the Hatter's reason behind swearing loyalty to the Queen of Hearts, to which he answers that he wishes to leave Wonderland together with Alice. They then enter Caterpillar Lane.

Elsewhere, the 88th Alice vents out her anger towards the current Alice; the Cheshire Cat appears and invites her to make a deal with him – the one whom she hates.

At a bar, the Dormouse expresses that when one recognises the enemy from the ally, the Hatter would be the only one left watching the painful experiences. However, he states that it has nothing to do with the both of them anyway.


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