Be Barely Alive

Chapter 19


Bī Bearī Araibu


Will you show me your story…?

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Be Barely Alive, stylised as be barely alive, is chapter 19 of the Are You Alice? manga series.


At her house, Marianne is conversing with "Sensei", telling her story with her "younger brother" and that she had and wanted one. Marianne notices that it is raining outside, while Sensei writes that "Alice's younger brother [who] didn't have to be born."

In Caterpillar Lane, Centipede receives news that Alice is confined, when the Mad Hatter points his gun to her, much to his impatience. While Centipede is busy looking at books, the Mad Hatter silently smirks, where Centipede thought that he might be happy about something. The Hatter comments that the story has become complicated. Centipede then sees that the Wimpy Book is drenched in ink. The Hatter tells her that he will find Alice, but Centipede disagrees with him because the Dormouse might give any information regarding Alice.

Meanwhile, Alice is at a strange and mysterious place when a sign appears, asking if he is "Alice", to which Alice answers "yes". Another sign appears asking if he wanted to become "Alice". After that, another appears which asks what Alice needs to do to become "Alice". Alice then answers a question if, even though he is not Alice, he has to be and it is okay for him if the real "Alice" just disappears. A question then appears if he killed the real Alice. He answers that if he kills her, he will become Alice. The question then repeats continuously [if he killed Alice]. Alice then becomes upset why things happen to him, such as why he has to kill people, and why he has to be born. Sensei writes over and over if Alice "killed Alice", to which Alice responded very angrily. Sensei then crumples the paper and throws it. Alice comes to reality, delighted that it all was a dream. The Cheshire Cat appears and asks him what he can do for Alice.