Bad End

Chapter 8


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Wonderland's mysterious fate—?

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Bad End, stylised as BAD END, is chapter 8 of the Are You Alice? manga series.


Marianne hugs Alice as he arrives at her house when the Duke ate Alice. The Duchess tells everyone about the feelings of everyone towards Alice as she was stopping the Duke; Alice must understand better than her as she is only a substitute.

Alice shoots Marianne

Alice shoots his older sister

Meanwhile, Marianne serves Alice a table of sweets and pastries. Alice, who seems to know who Marianne is, tells her that her "teacher" loves sweets that she exaggerated everything again which makes Marianne annoyed for she also wants him to eat those treats she made; Marianne also adds that her "teacher" is currently out, so Alice gives in to try her food. Alice says that she must stay home for she might get killed by someone. However, Marianne tells Alice that she is always saved by the Cheshire Cat who always helps Alice to reach the end of the story. Confused, Alice tells her that he is "Alice". Suddenly, Marianne orders Alice to give back her name, when Alice takes his gun out and points at her, saying that he is Alice. He realises that his body is seemingly moving on its own. He shoots her, stating that he will become the one and only Alice.

Back at the town square, the White Rabbit appears before the Duke and slashes it down, "saving" an unconscious Alice, though knowing he is a fake. The Cheshire Cat states that the 89th Alice came to Wonderland on his own will, so the Mad Hatter can do whatever he wants with him.

As the White Rabbit hurries down the streets to find another replacement for the Duke, he encounters Marianne in her throne and tells her he will save her.


  • Despite the chapter being called Bad End, no one actually meets a bad ending within the chapter.
    • However, the title may allude to the scene when Alice shoots his sister, reenacting the "Bad End" of the story of Alice in Wonderland.
  • This chapter hosts the second coloured cover page after first chapter.
  • When Alice shoots his sister, he seems to be under the control of a writer.