Are You Mania?

Chapter 17.5

Anata wa maniadesu ka?
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Are You Mania? is the second omake in the Are You Alice? manga series.


The Queen of Hearts, Alice, the Mad Hatter, and the Knave of Hearts are having tea when Alice asked the Queen why his trumps are dressed very formally. The Queen explains to Alice that the clothes are meant to grieve for the dead and honour the good deeds they accomplished. The Cheshire Cat appears out of nowhere again, due to Alice's shock. He tells the Queen that he prefers mourning clothes, but he recommends that the clothes may be similar to an apartment landlady's. The Queen compliments on the Cheshire Cat's interests, so he promises the Cheshire that his trumps will wear an apartment landlady's clothes the next day. Aside from the Queen and the Cheshire Cat, the Knave of Hearts and Alice starts a different conversation about what their ideals of a pretty lady are. Alice then asks the Mad Hatter what his are; the Mad Hatter tells Alice that he prefers a quiet woman who wears a smock, due to everyone's curiosity. The Knave of Hearts then explains what a smock looks like through his placard. Continuing their conversation, Alice tells that he gives up because he "will never understand".