Are You Anima?

Chapter 16.5

Anata wa animadesu ka?
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Are You Anima? is an omake of the Are You Alice? manga series.



Are You Anima? is an omake of Chapter 16. The story takes place at the Mad Hatter's Apartment where Alice is pondering about Wonderland's oddities about the people who use animal names such as the Cheshire Cat, the Dormouse, the White Rabbit and the Fish Footman. He also hints that the Queen of Hearts may feel like a "lady panther" to him; the Knave of Hearts is probably a large breed of dog while the Duchess would be something like a squirrel; and the Mad Hatter would be a bear to him because he got some "shadows."

However, to Alice, he can easily pick out things for other people but when it comes to himself, the animal that suits him must have cool eyes and properly possesses his cute charm of his; fundamentally, a carnivore but skilled at relying on the kindness of others. The Mad Hatter tells him that the animal that resembles him perfectly exists, which is a giraffe because it is yellow. Once again, the two quarrels "loudly," where the Cheshire Cat hears the two from the outside, commenting that they are close and resemble mountain monkeys.