Alice Wonderland

A depiction of Alice of Wonderland

Alice of Wonderland (ワンダーランドのアリス, Wandārando no Arisu) is an important figure in the fictional country of Wonderland, though her actual existence is questionable. It is told that the inhabitants of Wonderland are seeking the true Alice, and, according to the Queen of Hearts, a large amount of the inhabitants, specifically those with roles in the game, are in love with Alice.


The White Rabbit gives this role to someone (usually a female) whom he chooses and challenges her to participate in a game called "Kill The White Rabbit", in which the White Rabbit is the target himself. The place where he would meet the candidates to explain the rules of the game was in Wonderland's Forest.

Alice LiddellEdit

Early in the series, the White Rabbit was seen taking care of a girl looking like Alice, who never spoke back to him or even moved from where she sat upon a throne. He called her "Marianne". Based on her looks and her importance to the White Rabbit, she appears to have a connection to the "Alice".


So far, there have been 89 candidates since the beginning, implying that the game is not an easy game to complete. Despite Alice being usually depicted as a female, it is presumed that this title disregards this notion, such as the case of the 89th Alice, being the first one to be male.

Alice candidates were all somehow infatuated by the name "Alice" for various unknown reasons and were implied to have "lost their dreams" prior to arriving in Wonderland. In the case of the 88th Alice, it is told how she hated her real name and was happy to have the name "Alice" as her name.


The failed candidates take the form of Regrets, clinging to the name "Alice". The reason for them turning into Regrets are unknown, but it is strongly implied that they were killed.


Alice of Wonderland
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