Advice From A Caterpillar

Chapter 7


Adobaisu Furomu A Kyatapirā


You won't get anywhere just by following the rules...

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Advice From A Caterpillar, stylised as Advice from a Caterpillar, is chapter 7 of the Are You Alice? manga series.


The Cheshire Cat gets severely wounded by the Duke's attack and apologises to the Duchess for getting her clothes dirty. She recalls the time she had first met the Cheshire Cat, and, with a pained expression, shouts at him to not to take unnecessary actions as it is her job to be Alice's substitute. She further shouts that if she could not fulfill her duty, then she will lose the reason to be in Wonderland and would not be his mistress anymore. He merely pats her on the head and embraces her.

The Mad Hatter ponders about the current situation and notes that the Duchess has not been of any help in stopping the Duke. The Duchess pursues in trying to help in the situation, but is stopped by the Hatter who plans to shoot it; though far enough, the Cheshire Cat assures the Duchess that the Hatter is a skilled marksman and the latter asserts this himself. About to shoot, he misses the target when he is suddenly stopped by Alice and proclaims himself as the real Alice to the Duke.

It is shown that, a few minutes ago, the Dormouse tells Alice several things about Wonderland as well as the Hatter's personality. Alice realises he may be the man they were looking for, but black oozes appear near Alice. The Dormouse informs Alice of the Duke's ruckus at town square because of the Duchess' failure to suppress the monster. The Dormouse advises him that he, as the real Alice, may stop the Duke because of its craziness over Alice. He shows him where the town square is and leaves; Alice asks him if he is running away, but he answers that he is a careful type. He asks Alice to tell the Hatter that he has bad timing as usual.

Alice faces Duke

Alice faces the Duke

As Alice sees the Duchess, he is relieved that she is safe, and she apologises for failing. The Hatter becomes angry and tells Alice to run away, but Alice, confident to be the only one who can stop the monster, proclaims that he is not a substitute and is Alice of Wonderland. The Cheshire Cat watches him with awe, while the Hatter chastises him for his unnecessary chat, but the Duke suddenly eats up Alice, much to everyone's surprise.

As he falls down inside the Duke, he sees the material things that the Duke seems to have eaten and wonders how he can stop the monster. Just then, black oozes drip on his skin, injuring him all over. He ultimately lands on a garden, uninjured and unfazed. Just then, a lady holding a black cat appears in front of Alice and refers to her as "big sister".


  • In Alice in Wonderland, chapter five was titled "Advice From A Caterpillar", where Alice met a very rude Caterpillar and received advice and assistance. In this chapter, the one giving advice is the Dormouse.