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Across, stylised as across, is chapter 28 of the Are You Alice? manga series.


As the Cheshire Cat lost an arm, the 88th Alice worries about the his condition. Thinking that his clothes will get dirty, he remembers his late mistress who took care of and cared for him. Taking her headband, she uses this to stop the bleeding of the Cheshire Cat.

Alice still does not recover from the attack the White Rabbit gave him. He sees that his blood is red, not blue, unlike what he saw back then when the Cheshire Cat stabbed him. Alice finds out that the Cheshire Cat cannot be trusted, since he betrayed Alice. He also thinks that the Mad Hatter is "a hundred times worse" than him, despite the Queen of Hearts' decision to partner them up. Later on, Alice finds out that his location is shifting, giving him two directions: an unknown house or the gloomy Wonderland.

Points to the Queen

The Mad Hatter points his gun at the Queen

At the palace, the Queen orders the Mad Hatter to kill the Dormouse, but the Hatter seems to have difficulty with it. The Dormouse then asks the Hatter why he had his time stopped. He answers that Alice has been dying over and over right in front of him; if he had not have his time stopped, he would be separated from Alice, giving no meaning to his purpose. The Queen asks the Dormouse why, as a "friend", he keeps on tormenting the Hatter with such things. The Dormouse answers that it is his "purpose". Reiterating the only rule of the Caucus Race, once a participant stops, he will not be forgiven. The only thing to do is to continue running for the sake of his purpose. A flashback is shown with the Dormouse asking the Dodo if he "loves" the Caucus Race because the latter's friend has been playing tag with him at the Pool of Tears. With this, the Dodo cries; so the Dormouse gives him a hat from the Hatter. The Dodo asks him if they are friends, with the Dormouse doubting this. Suddenly, the Dodo thanks the Dormouse for teaching him words, leaving the latter surprised. Back at the palace, the Mad Hatter explains that the Pool of Tears is a famous place known for farewells – where Alice is. Instead of pointing his gun to the Dormouse, he shifts this to the Queen. He then pulls the trigger, without the reader knowing who he shoots.