A Perfect World

Chapter 18


Ā Pāfekuto Wārudo


A different story; one of continuing towards the sought-after object. If the place you wish to finally arrive at exists, you should act in accordance with the chosen book.

Caterpillar Lane Foot 49: "The Wimpy Book"

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Be Barely Alive

A Perfect World is chapter 18 of the Are You Alice? manga series.


A prelude depicts Alice draws images of him and other characters "worshipping" him, specifically the Cheshire Cat, the Queen of Hearts, the Mad Hatter, and the Knave of Hearts. The Hatter, however, gets his masterpiece and rips it into pieces, rejecting it.

Foot 49 destroyed

"The Wimpy Book" destroyed

Back in the storybook world, Alice, the Caterpillar, and the Mad Hatter find a signpost asking what would Alice do if he finds a small bottle with "Drink Me!" as its label. Having to behave differently than "Alice", the Hatter helps him answer that he "only [drinks his] mother's milk" instead of "drink[ing] the bottle". A second one appears asking what he should do after the baby in his care transformed into a piglet. The Hatter answers for him again, that there is no problem, since a pig and a baby are not that different, instead of "ask[ing] the Cheshire Cat". As they see the peak of the Queen's castle, the Caterpillar says that she does not find a clear path on the book. As she wonders what has exactly happened to the path, she hears a voice that tells her to stay away. She, the Mad Hatter, and Alice hear the voice telling them to not come any closer, as the current Alice is not Alice. The Caterpillar drops the book as something starts oozing out of it, turning it black. A black blob shoots out of the book, heading straight towards Alice and the Mad Hatter, only for them to dodge it.

As the Caterpillar shouts at Alice, he slowly fails to hear her, getting lost alone in the storybook world. A signpost appears in front of him, asking him what to do, since the Queen of Hearts is a scary person who will behead anyone if disobeyed. Alice contemplates having loyalty for the Queen as he remembers the four children he beheaded. He ultimately points his gun at the signpost, saying that he does not know anything about it; the signpost shifts to another foot entitled "Lessness Book of Living Idly".