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Eichī Nainto Dogu Ī

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89th Dog Ear, stylised as 89th Dog ear, is chapter 3 of the Are You Alice? manga series.


The chapter begins with a prologue:

"Alice was beginning to get very tired of sitting by her sister on the bank, and of having nothing to do. Suddenly, a White Rabbit with pink eyes ran close to her. When the White Rabbit actually took a watch out of its waistcoat-pocket, and looked at it, then hurried on, Alice started to her feet. She suddenly remembered that she had not seen such a strange thing before. Alice ran across the field after it, and was just in time to see it pop down a large rabbit-hole under the edge."

Alice is still in confusion with his name "Alice". It is explained that the name "Alice" is the only thing that he has since he came to Wonderland. At the Queen's castle, Alice intends to shoot him with the gun the Mad Hatter gave him, as the Queen orders him to kill the White Rabbit, while holding his chin with his scythe. Alice is then comforted by the Queen which results to the Knave of Hearts' "jealousy". The Queen further explains that the Regrets are foolish beings that have some connection with their past. Suddenly, a swarm of Regrets appears at the windows of the castle. Now nameless, they were once candidates of "Alice of Wonderland," but were unable to fulfill their goals of killing the White Rabbit and becoming Alice of Wonderland.

Alice shoots Queen

Alice shoots the Queen

The Queen then declares that Alice is the 89th Alice, with the hope that he would be Alice of Wonderland. Alice shoots the Queen, but nothing happens at all as the Queen stands unfazed and unharmed. Alice gets irritated, saying that he did not come to Wonderland to kill someone. Suddenly, he hallucinates with a figure of himself laughing. Behind him, a blonde lady sitting in a chair appears, persuading him into wanting a name. She says that he may become "Alice" if he kills her, and he will become satisfied. He continues to question himself why exactly he came to Wonderland. Alice fires his gun and tries shooting the Queen, only for a crack to appear on the window behind as the bullet hits it.

The Queen tells that, in Wonderland, a person can kill someone according to the power that their name holds. She says that being the Queen of Hearts, he can have anyone who disobeys him beheaded. He further explains that Alice can kill the White Rabbit; on the other hand, the White Rabbit cannot kill anyone. The Queen warns Alice that disobeying his orders shall result in his beheading. Alice agrees that he will follow his orders, but he negotiates with the Queen to reward him if he kills the White Rabbit.

Alice goes outside the castle where the Mad Hatter is waiting. He ponders on the thought that the Mad Hatter would be a good partner to him, as the Hatter can kill anyone hostile towards Alice. He is then determined to kill the White Rabbit to live the way he wants in the country. Again, the Mad Hatter reminds Alice that it is already six o'clock for teatime. He tells Alice that he is a little more interested in what kind of a person he is, where Alice asserts himself as Alice of Wonderland. The lady in the chair grieves over her name being taken, for it is the reason of her existence.

Along the streets, Alice turns back as his name is called, but Mad Hatter bonks him over the head, scolding him for looking back. The lady in the chair once again appears out of nowhere, saying that without a name, she will disappear.


  • The term "dog-ear" addresses the folding of a page's corner to remember your location. Adding it together with "89th", the number the current Alice holds as the 89th contender for the name, explains the title of the chapter.
  • In the drama CD, Alice never attempts to shoot the Queen, nor does he see the lady in the chair, encounter a mysterious flashback, or anything of the sort. Instead, it goes straight to Alice negotiating with the Queen over living in Wonderland after the game is over.
  • The Knave of Hearts' outfit becomes black in this chapter, contrary to his outfit being white from the previous chapter despite being on the same scene. However, the heart-shaped tattoos under the Queen of Hearts' eye remain white, similar to the previous chapter.
  • In the scene where Alice is shown laughing hysterically presumably covered in blood or ink, a lady can be partially seen on the floor, seemingly dead.