The "Kill the White Rabbit" Game is a game where the candidates of Alice of Wonderland are given the "power" to kill the White Rabbit. It is said by the Queen of Hearts that the idea of the game originated from the White Rabbit himself, based on the prospect that he is looking for something that he shall never find.[1]


The rules were stated by the Queen of Hearts when Alice introduces himself as the 89th Alice before him. The rules came into force the moment he says that he is indeed Alice, automatically becoming part of the game. The rules of the game are absolute and only he is the only one the Queen can ask to do it. The rules are the following:[1][2]

  • The White Rabbit can only be killed by Alice.
  • The power to kill the White Rabbit will be given to Alice in Wonderland. If Alice uses that power to kill the White Rabbit, Alice is the winner.
  • Alice can kill the White Rabbit. On the other hand, the White Rabbit is unable to kill anyone.
  • The Alice that can kill the White Rabbit is the real Alice.
  • The game will not end until the real Alice is found.

Participants and Respective RolesEdit

In the game, certain people have key roles and are instrumental in running the game. Anyone who abandons his/her role during the course of the game will be deemed as a traitor and shall face the consequences.[1] Befitting the name the holder has, he/she can only perform the corresponding power bestowed upon him/her in order to have their desired result; otherwise, any action performed inappropriately shall be void, nullified, or cancelled. For example, the 89th Alice cannot kill the Queen of Hearts because the former only has the power to kill the White Rabbit and not anyone else.[2]

  • Alice: Bestowed with the power to kill the White Rabbit, the latter himself was the one who chose this candidate and gave this person the name "Alice". The Alice candidate who uses her/his power to kill the White Rabbit shall be the winner and, therefore, shall be proclaimed as the real Alice. There have been 88 Alices who have joined the game but have failed to win due to various reasons.
    • The current Alice is the 89th Alice, as well as the first male to be given with the role. However, he was not welcomed by the White Rabbit, contrary to the tradition of the game. He was, instead, welcomed by the Cheshire Cat, which led the White Rabbit to detect him and label him as an illegal intruder; whether he is the official 89th candidate at the beginning is unknown, but, since the Queen of Hearts officially dubbed him as such, he can therefore be considered as the 89th candidate.
  • White Rabbit: The White Rabbit is the creator of the game with the intention of finding the "real Alice" who shall be the winner of the game and, ultimately, the one who shall kill him. In general, it is his job to bring people who have thrown their dreams away into Wonderland, where he bestows them with a new name. In the game, he is unable to kill anyone, but Alice can be the only one who can kill him.
  • Queen of Hearts: The Queen of Hearts sets the game in motion, providing details to Alice about the game and its mechanics, as well as guiding the candidate on how to win the game. Furthermore, the Queen has the power to behead anyone who disobeys his orders.
  • Mad Hatter: The Mad Hatter is bestowed with the power to kill anyone hostile to Alice, such as Regrets, especially in the form of the previous Alices. He serves as Alice's partner, armed with his weapon of choice for protecting the current candidate.
  • Knave of Hearts: Should the Queen of Hearts abandon the game and stop doing his job, the Knave of Hearts is the one who can kill the Queen for his action.
  • Duchess: The Duchess serves as Alice's substitute or replacement should the Duke surface and wreak havoc while finding Alice. Following the first Duchess' execution, she was replaced by a new Duchess.


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